......As I pass by this summer breeze,

I remember you, reminiscing every memory

Savoring each corner and part of you

In the darkest part remained the garish you

In this curly little intestine above.

I smell the scent

Of a place I’ve been used to,

Where this childish mind was enriched

Way back in the past.

But the infantile time soon flickers as lightning.

I smile and giggle as lunatic does;

It gives my mind tranquility

To pause for a while

And the return to reality.

The river of times,

The sea of discovery,

The lake of stillness,

Take me back to my early days

Where all were so perfect.

Time, now, may be different from history

This place has, now, evolved in an instant

But whatever the scent

Of my little hometown and pals

Wafts upon my nostrils,

It takes me back to my  nourishing era.

This world progresses so quickly,

That the small things seem just like yesterday

Moments left are but a trace…



The Universal

visited me in my dream

I longed for years


A haze at first, then brighten up

As a star come down upon

Light so vivid

Can’t barely see, blinded by…


Then somebody holds,

with gentleness, I feel love,

Without any reason

A tear suddenly falls,

Both happiness and remorse

rushing inside


Afraid at first

But what sent me in calmness

In stillness I hear “daughter”…

Calling in tiny(little voice)

lovely voice…


My heart melts, blood rushes.

Can’t find the words to say

As a light shines firm

Slowly I gaze a bare face…


Innocence and adore portrays

Empowerment echoes yet

Mildness catches my ear

Hear me, worry no more



beseeching my child please stay….


Awaken as the sunshine passes

Through my windowpane.

I come across with my mind

Holding a Rosary …



Visited me in my dream.DSC_0422




The morning dew wakes me and as I started my day

I am joyous for I am looking forward to see the calmness of your face.

Though I know that friend is what you see in me

I still care for you.

Though my effort made has not merit,

Still I stay to let you feel what’s in me.

Love lives in history to the tales connecting to present reality.

I longed to continue the circle that bond humans which is LOVE


the nature  beyond ceiling sky

the nature beyond ceiling sky

      On earth and beyond there is a balance just like the Chinese beliefs of ying and yang. Nature has its own way of balancing things, too. As to people too. There’s a cycle in this world  that we must protect and uphold.

      In prehistoric era we have known the dinosaurs and other creatures. In yester era, we came to know the colonization of each countries, the culture, the difference and how they see and balanced the things before, In today’s era  we have a lot of equality to do as we are now aware of what should and should not be done. We live in a dashing world, and every moved is calculated. Man and woman can do both things now, they both have the right to vote, they can both work in a position except being priest and nuns as though I perceive it as a vocation rather than work. Both genders can decide on their own…

     People see things differently now  than before, sometimes we have to open our minds to accept the changes for the betterment on ourselves and of others as well. We must nurture and cultivate the virtues to be able to judge things if its rightful or not. Though we live in the world called modernized we must uphold the virtues, because virtues is one of the things that leads us to good situations… Equality is a big word for everyone specially to oppressed, deprived, to privilege. I say, should the oppressed prove something so that he/she would not be judge or should be the the deprive must have all so that he/she may feel important or the privilege to avail all the freebies when the truth is its everyone’s right?. And on gender, is really the MAN who has more right than  WOMAN?, Well things are different now. Man and woman are of the same stance. Woman can now cope up with what man do and man can do what woman usually do. It’s not an old thing saying I am the BOSS because I am the man. The world has now grown up and uplifts everyone’s dignity and rights. It is up to the person if he/ she will dwell on the old sayings “only us have the right” because as I see it Its not working on today’s generation.. What should people have is respect and love to each and everyone because respect allows us to become good listeners and love lowers our pride and as equilibrium is the result of all human race. There will be humility and serenity in the world we live in…



The air you breathe differs from mine,

Your scent is beyond distance (miles away),

Yet northern wind carries you in my thoughts

With bubble bliss that glues you on my mind.

Peculiar is this thing inside,

Like a viral that jailed my soul.

The scenic view of yours makes me

Wish to languish the time,

For your eyes unveils the merry

And your smile wonders me with delight.

I cannot be near to you

For miles you are to be with me,

Ocean makes it more farther from you

Yet years make it more unease for us.

Maybe I’ll have to take my cure

For I am diagnose by what so called you.