The road teaches us alot in our lives. The road is like our miniature of the strategies we must do. However, the road is not always in full speed, sometimes we need to slow down a bit, take little sneak peak at the back, side, and a dimensional front view all to see the way ahead of us. But, drivers  always rush, as if they’re running out of gasoline.  It’s like LIFE, we tend to rush too much that we missed the little presents, we are pressed down by pressures, status quo, peers, and distractions. We are the drivers of our lives, we have to slow a bit when we’re too fast and furious. See the picture beyond and of course checked behind and sideways. Enjoy the gentle wind that touches your skin. Feel it and enjoy. It’ s like taking time to enjoy the moment cause when it’s gone it will never turn back just like the clock. We’ll never know that the things we do at present would still be the things we do in the future.

     The road is maze, a puzzle that has a lot of clues and traps. It can lead you to your destination or it’ll carry you to death. When it’s bright, it’s way perfect for a road tour but when it rains it’s so slippery that you don’t dare to push the accelerator to its limits. Just like in life the way we walk into, is not all happy things, mostly of it are horrible things yet despite of it we carry to smile. Life is not merry making cause there are alot of lessons ahead, so we must be mindful of our doings but not to the extend that we lose the essence of life. Road is an obstacle course, so as life.  However, in mistakes we learn and rise up. We learn when to speed up or slow down. Wrong turns? Everyone is afraid of it but it’s unpredictable. The narrow way is not the best way cause it might be that it’s much better if we make a little turn and enjoy the ride. The road of life, it nourishes us and gives us wisdom in later part of our lives. The road out there is somewhat a training ground of becoming the better us.  So we,  just like captains of the sea, we are the drivers of the road must be cautious in everything we do, cause now is a conjunction of future. It’s okay to take slow, get wrong turns, speed up as long as we can manage to hold on our steering wheels… Life on road is not a boredom, it is a challenge on how we take our course justly.  Safe Trip….


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