The milestone of oneself is like walking in a desert, where we’re looking of something that we don’t know in zillion things in earth. Like the stars in the night sky that brights our way home. Looking to oneself is a journey of everyone in this world. Some have a delicious journey and find their way home while others leads themselves to a futile and lost journey. Well, let me think of this first… I believed that a person belongs to a place where he or she truly deserves, a person has special spot in this world. So lets change the statement awhile ago, some have a delicious journey and find their way home while others continues to look what they are looking for at the lost world. People put too much detailed on what they want that everything seems to be so hard, when mostly things that had happened is not a scripted one, the one which is not in the plan. And, sometimes things that we don’t expect to happen, frustrates us to death. We freak out to ourselves and become who we are not. Forgetting  of what we really want and we lost focus on it. Life has many ups and mostly downs, but in the end it’s up to us whether we let ourselves be on the down part or uplift ourselves to soar high and reach what we deserve. If we looked ourselves in the sand then we might be startled cause as we see sand are countless, it fills one-fourth percent of earth and it is so tiny that we count it per volume. The world beyond ourselves is boundless that in times we got lost but we have to on track. Keep an eye on things so that whenever we losses track and we are able to bounce back to where are heading… There is a saying that we cannot hold the sand in a fist, just like in life we cannot just receive things cause it will lead to burden, so we have to share those blessings and let go of the grudges we have. We have to be wiser on what to keep and let go. Cause in life we never know what lies ahead so we must be super alert on the possibilities we may encounter. Its like a rate in the stock market that we have to make plans and if it doesn’t work then we have to reroute and go with the other plan that would not lead us farther to our goals yet only God has the perfect goal for us, even me I don’t know and understands God’s plan for me. But, I have to  trust him because he knows whats best for me. Though I may not know it now, one thing is for sure that He will reveal what and where I will be in future. Well, this article leads to confusion cause  with my hazy heart, I don’t know what I really meant for this, just because there are alot of things to be taken care of. That I don’t know where this article leads and ends. However, one thing is for sure, that I, We will find our way in due time if we keep our track to Him and he shall surely lead the way that we want or the place where we are rightfully meant.