“Courage out of Fear”

     DSC_1730      Fictional world is where anything is possible, you can play your minds creativity  of how it will start and end, of how bitter gourd can turn into sweet candies, of how time stops when you want it to, can soar real up high and matter no more of your business. Well, that is why it is called fiction because you can create fantasy  and nightmare at the same time. People really like to create things that doesn’t easily happen. Just I guess, it is the closest thing to the word perfect. We create and wreak anything we want. Well, the truth is no matter how beautifully we create something in our astonishing brains, the end point is reality, go back to reality.

     DSC_0931 Reality is unpredictable, no matter what, how, when and why we  plan for something, the outcome may not always be the way it seems to be. There are alot of impediment along the scenes and I know it is bothersome not to mention some are just  so nerve breaking. Then Fear comes along, Fear dies our inner most desires, our hopes, our optimistic side, and it even changes us. Fear is always around, I tell you, we may not be aware that its always there, lurking, taking chances to get in and be inflicted. Fear Fear Fear… Fear cages us to become somebody. It stops us in everything we do, so by that we can’t grow as a full bloom creature. But on the other hand, Fear has something good in it, somewhere beneath it, lies the word COURAGE. Cause the absence of fear makes courage meaningless. Courage is then defined out by fear; it is the eagerness of us to surpass the challenges that are being offered. The spirit that gives us hope to become what we want to be. Of course, courage is accompanied by faith. We trust God and ourselves to have the courage of doing somewhat we want to be in life. So, though fear hinders you. Just smile and say “may I have enough courage to step on and crush fear for I don’t deserve to dwell in present to become a past but rather live in present to have a future.



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