The world is big ball that has alot of things to offer. Things that brings sadness and happiness to humans creatures yet it depends on which side we take things. Well, things don’t always seem to be forever because just like in science everything is constant change and the only thing we must need is to accept, also our actions are the reasons of changes or it can be in our surroundings that matters most to us makes the difference. Though things are revolving we continue to live, to live the life we call, though sometimes we feel so down that what we want to pause for a while and breathe. Sometimes  or most of the time we breathe into the thin air which it makes it hard for us to breathe freely, we are so tied up with the goals we want. Though it’s a good thing that we’re setting our goals and making the most of it to reach, but sometimes we missed out. Missed out the things we are supposed to enjoy in this living world, we tend to close our hands that are supposed to give, to touch, to heal, to hold on the beautiful things in the world. We boxed in ourselves, forgetting that we are not alone in this world. If we have struggles then others do also. It’s a matter of balance. We should equate things, be able to enjoy the freebies of world and be able to set priorities.

      World is a surprise gift, a gift to be treasure so live with it cause it will give you more presents rather than giving you what has been left. Though it’s  not always good but you, yourself is a present to the world. Be a gift to others cause you don’t know how much you mean to them. How much you have embark them with so much learning, being an instrument to open up the goodness of one being. Sharing your life is like sharing goodies in a goodie jar. Yummy and uplifting. We do have a different purpose in this earth, but one thing is for sure. We weren’t chosen if we can’t surpass things, allow things to mold you. Feel being alone to feel the feeling of being alive. Feel being congested to feel how is the feeling of being free. Feel being selfish to realize its more fun to share. Feel to hurt to know how to feel for them. Feel empty to know how to treasure. Feel unloved to feel being loved. Feel there’s no ways out to know that the candle of hope shines bright amidst in the dark freezing moment of our lives. It’s not the end, let us not end this for this journey is something we are being students of others and a teachers of some.  Let us not end this cause we might be the reason why someone is still striving to live life to the fullest. ♥♥♥



Life is full of mysteries from the moment we begun our first breathe to the last breathe we take. It’s good for today and will never know what’s for tomorrow.  So, better be prepared ahead of time because will never know what might happen for tomorrow. Treasure every piece we have cause we can’t take it back. Sometimes we take long to realize that the simple things we do are the thing we are remembered that most; the tones and the words that’s been said will always be a tag to us. It’s our blueprint to people we open our lives into. Each day is a brand new memory to us. So the bottom line, treasure every moment we have, take a slow ride in life to appreciate things, take time to value each things, do good deeds, share your life to them, and be happy though life is twist and turns.