Life is never ending journey. It takes us to wherever and puts us in whatever situation. Though there are times that we feel that we can’t handle no more. There is this spirit that keeps us going to fight even though it seems like everything is falling. I think that is the human nature of surviving. When everything seems failing, we don’t sit and relax, we fight till we dropped and if we dropped we still continue life. Life is worth to live. May it be in a hard or the sweetest way, life will  always be a blessing; and I do hope that everyone sees it as blessing. The road mostly is jumpy and muddy, it rains not just rain but it  pours us to death but its a deal. Life would be a hard one but accomplishing feeling if we run through.

It is not always clear as we things at first but as the blur settles then we can see the final image by then. World is compose of foes and sarcastic beings yet genuine also lives. We must remember that  world would be much nicer to live if we start something that would make it nice. So, bottomline its on us, how to make life a beautiful experience and a marvelous world to live with. People must be sensitive enough what the worlds needs and the world would be give what is just and right. World will flourish in its own perfect way as we start something of ourselves. Invest now to see how far will the interest may pay you. The world needs you more than you need yourself…