Wandering to the bright clear sky, makes me think of  dreams that  I dearly hold. Of, what things I need to  plot and reap. As the vast sky promises of unending heart desires. To a child, happy is a day  to see Mr. Sunshine; to let them play and explore the world. Yet, as how sky amaze me. I realize that it’s way too far to reach my goal and suddenly I feared that the things I like might turn out differently to what I planned. Reaching the sky might be tiring and challenging for an amatuer like me. In just a wrong move I can blast a bomb and let my dreams be taken away. Battle ground is where I stand, becoming army of my dreams. Seen some fight scenes with others that gives ideas on how things run. But it weakens my will when it seems battling with no light. When darkness veils and all I just hear are screams of broken dreams. It’s not easy as it seems when we want something. It’s an ordeal, humans undergo. We got hit, get bruises, have wounded, and even fall at our hardest. Dreams are no joke to reach. In childs’ eyes dreams are just dreams but when they grow, dreams aren’t just dream. It becomes their pillar to be a better them. It becomes the source of their strength to lift their hands and do something. To rise and make things possible. The sky is wide that no land can cover it, it pour rains to mud our lives, however it shed light to renew our burden souls. We must look up and believe that no matter how far it is. Dreams do come true with prayers.



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