Every beggining has its ending just like what our Almighty said “I am the Alpha, I am the omega”. Things come  and go even if we don’t want.

And it is, indeed the hardest part of our life, LETTING GO OF SOMEONE WE HAVE SO DEAR… Even if we set ourselves that everyone comes and goes, still it leaves a pain in our hearts. Memories untold were carved just like a flower that gardens in our soul. For love so true it remains anew…

Silent grief weakens me. Seeing you facading to be strong despite of clashing pavements inside. Though as debris that’s falling apart. Not, not an easy thing to do. Not, not everyone would likely to feel.  Not, not everyone can handle. It will never be an option to all nor be a dream of any else.

The light is slim and darkeness slowly enchants. Seems sleeping is not the best rest you will have for it haunts you, if light, will still be there showing you the direction your going through… When everything falls out, and with a might you fix it like a jigsaw puzzle though your energy depletes quickly as water runs dry. Like every minute is a mental test on how you will manage your life with fears.

A torment jailed, when the time comes. Will thy love carry on when I left? Will thy wounds heal and leave unblemish scar? Will thy survive along? Will thy be who I prayed they be? Questions that will remain as they are as I go to the way of unknown.

Life is not permanent and Death will be forever be a mystery… No reviews when that comes. Salute to fighters that chooses their battle. Though whatever results they merit, it will be forever be cherrish.  To be thy love or to thy with father.

Missing you is one of the hardest things yet the Memories with you is the one of the greatest treasures trove…


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