Side Mirror


Driving is hard when we cannot see what’s on our side and behind. In life, we are unable to learn without looking back and make thing possibly right or have an amazing end.

Everyone wants to move ahead, it’s like a racing of ourselves. Most of the time we tend to do over takes and fast lane and we end up losing. It’ s not how fast you press on you pedals but what road you take.  To end up this thoughts; it would be better to look back to create great decisions in life.




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Its been a while when I got into a long ride of my second hometown.  The ride is quite long as there are roads under construction from Davao City to General Santos City. Though worth the wait to stuck your butts on comfortable seats. The travel was filled with so much  excitement with trees and rivers. Come and discover what’s with this Tuna City.

The transpo is from pretty cheap to amusing expensive. The Yellow Bus has one stop Digos City which is 190.00php; Non-Stop Bus goes with restrooms runs 300.00 php though the comfort with the bus is just the same as employees are polite though bus with restroom are just really so comforting that you’ll be able to pee along the journey. It took us 4hrs travel because of the road construction but I’m sure next time I’ll be home, its gonna be at ease because its already fix. When we arrived in Henerals (General Santos City ); we docked to St. Elizabeth Hospital, its along downtown area and got a tricycle for 8.00php to go the newest affordable PINOBRETEL SUITES  along Tiongson St.,Lagao;  it sits in the heart of the City so you have all access to hospital, 24 hr minimart, malls, and to amazing foods in HENERALS. As their room is cozy and spacious it ranks from the  standard which is now in 10% discounts. Standard is at 675.00php with complete set up and a delicious  complimentary breakfast. Since its promo then we took advantage of it, might be if you happen to visit its original price is 750.00php which is very worthy to stay with. silent, cozy, and safe. It’s fully airconditioned with spacious comfort room and all. It has other rooms and to offer depending on the needs of their guest. I bet you better check for their website cause there are more surprising goodies at or or just give it a call at 3029149 or for one text away at 09253443345/09253443346.

After settling for a cozy room. We head out to Tiongson St. seafood galore. It looks like dampa in Manila that offers fresh seafood cuisine and for non-seafood pepz, we do have also pork or chicken menus for them that they would surely appreciate. Along with Tiongson is the Robinson Mall so you can buy all the necessities that you’ll have. After a long travel you could choose where to go. To the OLAER SPRING RESORT or LONDON BEACH RESORT or for food trips and mountain adventure you could enjoy the SARANGANI HIGHLAND PEAK, sorry got no pictures in it but  I’ve been there and its a beautiful place with fresh air. its a way to SARANGANI RESORTS as well, where you could go to PINOBRETEL RESORT, a summer get away to the City. Till here as we discover HENERALS once more.


Every beggining has its ending just like what our Almighty said “I am the Alpha, I am the omega”. Things come  and go even if we don’t want.

And it is, indeed the hardest part of our life, LETTING GO OF SOMEONE WE HAVE SO DEAR… Even if we set ourselves that everyone comes and goes, still it leaves a pain in our hearts. Memories untold were carved just like a flower that gardens in our soul. For love so true it remains anew…

Silent grief weakens me. Seeing you facading to be strong despite of clashing pavements inside. Though as debris that’s falling apart. Not, not an easy thing to do. Not, not everyone would likely to feel.  Not, not everyone can handle. It will never be an option to all nor be a dream of any else.

The light is slim and darkeness slowly enchants. Seems sleeping is not the best rest you will have for it haunts you, if light, will still be there showing you the direction your going through… When everything falls out, and with a might you fix it like a jigsaw puzzle though your energy depletes quickly as water runs dry. Like every minute is a mental test on how you will manage your life with fears.

A torment jailed, when the time comes. Will thy love carry on when I left? Will thy wounds heal and leave unblemish scar? Will thy survive along? Will thy be who I prayed they be? Questions that will remain as they are as I go to the way of unknown.

Life is not permanent and Death will be forever be a mystery… No reviews when that comes. Salute to fighters that chooses their battle. Though whatever results they merit, it will be forever be cherrish.  To be thy love or to thy with father.

Missing you is one of the hardest things yet the Memories with you is the one of the greatest treasures trove…





      Wandering to the bright clear sky, makes me think of  dreams that  I dearly hold. Of, what things I need to  plot and reap. As the vast sky promises of unending heart desires. To a child, happy is a day  to see Mr. Sunshine; to let them play and explore the world. Yet, as how sky amaze me. I realize that it’s way too far to reach my goal and suddenly I feared that the things I like might turn out differently to what I planned. Reaching the sky might be tiring and challenging for an amatuer like me. In just a wrong move I can blast a bomb and let my dreams be taken away. Battle ground is where I stand, becoming army of my dreams. Seen some fight scenes with others that gives ideas on how things run. But it weakens my will when it seems battling with no light. When darkness veils and all I just hear are screams of broken dreams. It’s not easy as it seems when we want something. It’s an ordeal, humans undergo. We got hit, get bruises, have wounded, and even fall at our hardest. Dreams are no joke to reach. In childs’ eyes dreams are just dreams but when they grow, dreams aren’t just dream. It becomes their pillar to be a better them. It becomes the source of their strength to lift their hands and do something. To rise and make things possible. The sky is wide that no land can cover it, it pour rains to mud our lives, however it shed light to renew our burden souls. We must look up and believe that no matter how far it is. Dreams do come true with prayers.





When moments swiftly changes and all has been left is you. It’s hard to go back things from where it is. Sometimes keeping a part of ourselves gives us humility. Cause  people just come and go and they may take the serenity that you have. So, its best to keep a part of you so when they go, you still have you .


Life is never ending journey. It takes us to wherever and puts us in whatever situation. Though there are times that we feel that we can’t handle no more. There is this spirit that keeps us going to fight even though it seems like everything is falling. I think that is the human nature of surviving. When everything seems failing, we don’t sit and relax, we fight till we dropped and if we dropped we still continue life. Life is worth to live. May it be in a hard or the sweetest way, life will  always be a blessing; and I do hope that everyone sees it as blessing. The road mostly is jumpy and muddy, it rains not just rain but it  pours us to death but its a deal. Life would be a hard one but accomplishing feeling if we run through.

It is not always clear as we things at first but as the blur settles then we can see the final image by then. World is compose of foes and sarcastic beings yet genuine also lives. We must remember that  world would be much nicer to live if we start something that would make it nice. So, bottomline its on us, how to make life a beautiful experience and a marvelous world to live with. People must be sensitive enough what the worlds needs and the world would be give what is just and right. World will flourish in its own perfect way as we start something of ourselves. Invest now to see how far will the interest may pay you. The world needs you more than you need yourself…





Failure teaches us to be strong and cope up with the things that had happen, it teaches us to accept that not all the time we win but in FAILURE we tend to be HUMANE. It CHALLENGES us; pushing us to our limits. Well, SUCCESS wouldn’t be define as it is without the other.

So strive more cause we will never know how far can we go. ❤