Every beggining has its ending just like what our Almighty said “I am the Alpha, I am the omega”. Things come  and go even if we don’t want.

And it is, indeed the hardest part of our life, LETTING GO OF SOMEONE WE HAVE SO DEAR… Even if we set ourselves that everyone comes and goes, still it leaves a pain in our hearts. Memories untold were carved just like a flower that gardens in our soul. For love so true it remains anew…

Silent grief weakens me. Seeing you facading to be strong despite of clashing pavements inside. Though as debris that’s falling apart. Not, not an easy thing to do. Not, not everyone would likely to feel.  Not, not everyone can handle. It will never be an option to all nor be a dream of any else.

The light is slim and darkeness slowly enchants. Seems sleeping is not the best rest you will have for it haunts you, if light, will still be there showing you the direction your going through… When everything falls out, and with a might you fix it like a jigsaw puzzle though your energy depletes quickly as water runs dry. Like every minute is a mental test on how you will manage your life with fears.

A torment jailed, when the time comes. Will thy love carry on when I left? Will thy wounds heal and leave unblemish scar? Will thy survive along? Will thy be who I prayed they be? Questions that will remain as they are as I go to the way of unknown.

Life is not permanent and Death will be forever be a mystery… No reviews when that comes. Salute to fighters that chooses their battle. Though whatever results they merit, it will be forever be cherrish.  To be thy love or to thy with father.

Missing you is one of the hardest things yet the Memories with you is the one of the greatest treasures trove…


I am what it takes to be me.


Some of us are so worried of who we are, of what really is our purpose, of what is meant for us. Well, everything is hidden and will be unveil in time.  May it be any time soon or longer. It depends on how are we gonna take the life lessons, on how are we gonna deal with it .

Sometimes things happening are just front cover of what is a must to be learned and most of the time we missed lead the lessons to be learned because we got so intertwined with the things we see in front of us yet we don’t go beyond what is unseen. Learnings  are sometimes behind the scenes, we have to go beyond, understand every situation in the best way we can. We shouldn’t judge things right there and then but we have to react. It is fine to react because that what makes us human. I think I’ve been circling my statement out here.  So lets continue things here. After being caught in the middle scene with so much vagueness, doubts, fears, uncertainties and life haunting experiences, mostly we find ourselves lost in nowhere without even noticing that we are no longer we, that we have become what we don’t want. Us becoming MONSTERS of our own and of others. We became bitter, we see wrongs as well as we think enormously ill. A stage where humans must face gruesome things to become better them and if they don’t become better it only means that they are not yet refined gem, that their fruits of wisdom is not yet ready to be yield. It is a long process and some are blessed enough; they can cope up easily. Life is all about everything there is no exceptions, we have to accept what is being offered and we are the one whose incharge of making it more better. We are just molding of ourselves now. We don’t know  who we are in the future though we have plans. We are capable of making plans and making it happen but only time permits. Though in a haze, in time it’ll be cleaner and be able to see what we are. Just that we are no good today doesn’t mean that we are no good at all. There is a stage that all  human undergo and that is self searching. Things don’t always run good but if we keep our speed up just like wheels it will turn up side down, just like Finding Nemo movie where Dory asked Marlin “When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do?” then Marlin don’t know the answer then Dory just sang “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming” cause eventually along the way it’ll turn good. Soothsayer from Kung Fu Panda 2 saidYour story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn’t make you who you are. it is the rest of your story, who you choose to be…” So just keep on for your story is about to begin and the end is yet to come…DSC_3455

God is my clock…

DSC_0113God is my clock…

     God is my clock, He never runs out of battery. Always on time.

     God sets a time for everyone. He is never late nor advance. He knows when we are at our best and when we are at our worst and when we rise up. He’s in perfect timing. People think that they are late of their deadlines but the truth is God is at work and He’s trying to tell “my child to calm down, I’m at work. You’ll have your turn don’t worry”.

     When looking on the rushing water in the river what do you see? The water or the pebbles underneath?  Well,  as many would notice the flashing water and would never mind of the stones underneath, its like us, we are rushing everything in life and never sees the small things. We are so agitated with the fast pace. When the truth is we are the pebbles. We stays in a place and to another. The water carries us and drop us by where we are now. Sometimes it’s a good place sometimes it’s not. It’s life ordeal, so when everything is totally not okay, don’t worry God is constructing us, making us “I” in the real world. Whose strong beyond uncertain calamities arrives. We have to see ourselves to be able to see the road ahead… Good are to those who wait patiently and whose faith are endless.