Side Mirror


Driving is hard when we cannot see what’s on our side and behind. In life, we are unable to learn without looking back and make thing possibly right or have an amazing end.

Everyone wants to move ahead, it’s like a racing of ourselves. Most of the time we tend to do over takes and fast lane and we end up losing. It’ s not how fast you press on you pedals but what road you take.  To end up this thoughts; it would be better to look back to create great decisions in life.




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Its been a while when I got into a long ride of my second hometown.  The ride is quite long as there are roads under construction from Davao City to General Santos City. Though worth the wait to stuck your butts on comfortable seats. The travel was filled with so much  excitement with trees and rivers. Come and discover what’s with this Tuna City.

The transpo is from pretty cheap to amusing expensive. The Yellow Bus has one stop Digos City which is 190.00php; Non-Stop Bus goes with restrooms runs 300.00 php though the comfort with the bus is just the same as employees are polite though bus with restroom are just really so comforting that you’ll be able to pee along the journey. It took us 4hrs travel because of the road construction but I’m sure next time I’ll be home, its gonna be at ease because its already fix. When we arrived in Henerals (General Santos City ); we docked to St. Elizabeth Hospital, its along downtown area and got a tricycle for 8.00php to go the newest affordable PINOBRETEL SUITES  along Tiongson St.,Lagao;  it sits in the heart of the City so you have all access to hospital, 24 hr minimart, malls, and to amazing foods in HENERALS. As their room is cozy and spacious it ranks from the  standard which is now in 10% discounts. Standard is at 675.00php with complete set up and a delicious  complimentary breakfast. Since its promo then we took advantage of it, might be if you happen to visit its original price is 750.00php which is very worthy to stay with. silent, cozy, and safe. It’s fully airconditioned with spacious comfort room and all. It has other rooms and to offer depending on the needs of their guest. I bet you better check for their website cause there are more surprising goodies at or or just give it a call at 3029149 or for one text away at 09253443345/09253443346.

After settling for a cozy room. We head out to Tiongson St. seafood galore. It looks like dampa in Manila that offers fresh seafood cuisine and for non-seafood pepz, we do have also pork or chicken menus for them that they would surely appreciate. Along with Tiongson is the Robinson Mall so you can buy all the necessities that you’ll have. After a long travel you could choose where to go. To the OLAER SPRING RESORT or LONDON BEACH RESORT or for food trips and mountain adventure you could enjoy the SARANGANI HIGHLAND PEAK, sorry got no pictures in it but  I’ve been there and its a beautiful place with fresh air. its a way to SARANGANI RESORTS as well, where you could go to PINOBRETEL RESORT, a summer get away to the City. Till here as we discover HENERALS once more.




When moments swiftly changes and all has been left is you. It’s hard to go back things from where it is. Sometimes keeping a part of ourselves gives us humility. Cause  people just come and go and they may take the serenity that you have. So, its best to keep a part of you so when they go, you still have you .



Failure teaches us to be strong and cope up with the things that had happen, it teaches us to accept that not all the time we win but in FAILURE we tend to be HUMANE. It CHALLENGES us; pushing us to our limits. Well, SUCCESS wouldn’t be define as it is without the other.

So strive more cause we will never know how far can we go. ❤


Clean and plain;

Life as it seems.

Then, here it goes

a stroke of INK

that tells the story

of LIFE.

All had been written;

All will be written.

The sheet of life slowly

fills by the ink of WRITERS..

Whose never tiring of ADVENTURES.

Tint may break its lines

but the stroke lies underneath

the ordinary sheet of the untold




Life is full of mysteries from the moment we begun our first breathe to the last breathe we take. It’s good for today and will never know what’s for tomorrow.  So, better be prepared ahead of time because will never know what might happen for tomorrow. Treasure every piece we have cause we can’t take it back. Sometimes we take long to realize that the simple things we do are the thing we are remembered that most; the tones and the words that’s been said will always be a tag to us. It’s our blueprint to people we open our lives into. Each day is a brand new memory to us. So the bottom line, treasure every moment we have, take a slow ride in life to appreciate things, take time to value each things, do good deeds, share your life to them, and be happy though life is twist and turns.



       What an exciting trip life is, full of detours and plans were never made to be perfect; cause along the way there are circumstances that we have to bend and change. Life is quest, there are moments that we got caught of what happened. No one is excuse of this life rule, even juveniles are part of it and even seniors are still on the game. Life is a long journey, some of us don’t notice how far are they now from what they are before. We set destinations, but when will we be there? I guess I don’t know, it might be later, never, or probably soon or sooner. But, I want to believe its going to be soon or sooner. Even though I have been told that it might not be the place I belonged to be. I want to fight until the last grain. I don’t want to have regrets and what if question when the time comes. I will do my best, so that if its not my spot then I can say that I done everything and whenever I look back then I can say “I’M DONE”. Ready, to take the next flight. Well, life is cruel, yes it is, but if its easy then we’ll never get wiser in things. Life is not just about cruelty or ordeal because along the way we meet people that makes our journey easier and lighter, family is always there; ready to back you up when everything seems to be so imperfect, well there no such word as perfect though but close to perfect. Things will get well and done. We’ll finally reached what we want and though not we want, we’ll realize that where we are and what we have is something priceless. Because we gain wisdom; became stronger, wiser, dependent, and happy. Everything has its own purpose, so whenever you got yourself in a bad situation. Just think that everything has its ending and this is a part of my journey to reach my destination. Where may it be, what may God’s plan be. But, remember God is perfect and He’ll put you in the most perfect place. May it be your picture place or God’s chosen place. But I do hope, I get to where I want and Prayers do miracles.