Clean and plain;

Life as it seems.

Then, here it goes

a stroke of INK

that tells the story

of LIFE.

All had been written;

All will be written.

The sheet of life slowly

fills by the ink of WRITERS..

Whose never tiring of ADVENTURES.

Tint may break its lines

but the stroke lies underneath

the ordinary sheet of the untold






      The world is big ball that has alot of things to offer. Things that brings sadness and happiness to humans creatures yet it depends on which side we take things. Well, things don’t always seem to be forever because just like in science everything is constant change and the only thing we must need is to accept, also our actions are the reasons of changes or it can be in our surroundings that matters most to us makes the difference. Though things are revolving we continue to live, to live the life we call, though sometimes we feel so down that what we want to pause for a while and breathe. Sometimes  or most of the time we breathe into the thin air which it makes it hard for us to breathe freely, we are so tied up with the goals we want. Though it’s a good thing that we’re setting our goals and making the most of it to reach, but sometimes we missed out. Missed out the things we are supposed to enjoy in this living world, we tend to close our hands that are supposed to give, to touch, to heal, to hold on the beautiful things in the world. We boxed in ourselves, forgetting that we are not alone in this world. If we have struggles then others do also. It’s a matter of balance. We should equate things, be able to enjoy the freebies of world and be able to set priorities.

      World is a surprise gift, a gift to be treasure so live with it cause it will give you more presents rather than giving you what has been left. Though it’s  not always good but you, yourself is a present to the world. Be a gift to others cause you don’t know how much you mean to them. How much you have embark them with so much learning, being an instrument to open up the goodness of one being. Sharing your life is like sharing goodies in a goodie jar. Yummy and uplifting. We do have a different purpose in this earth, but one thing is for sure. We weren’t chosen if we can’t surpass things, allow things to mold you. Feel being alone to feel the feeling of being alive. Feel being congested to feel how is the feeling of being free. Feel being selfish to realize its more fun to share. Feel to hurt to know how to feel for them. Feel empty to know how to treasure. Feel unloved to feel being loved. Feel there’s no ways out to know that the candle of hope shines bright amidst in the dark freezing moment of our lives. It’s not the end, let us not end this for this journey is something we are being students of others and a teachers of some.  Let us not end this cause we might be the reason why someone is still striving to live life to the fullest. ♥♥♥


Life is full of mysteries from the moment we begun our first breathe to the last breathe we take. It’s good for today and will never know what’s for tomorrow.  So, better be prepared ahead of time because will never know what might happen for tomorrow. Treasure every piece we have cause we can’t take it back. Sometimes we take long to realize that the simple things we do are the thing we are remembered that most; the tones and the words that’s been said will always be a tag to us. It’s our blueprint to people we open our lives into. Each day is a brand new memory to us. So the bottom line, treasure every moment we have, take a slow ride in life to appreciate things, take time to value each things, do good deeds, share your life to them, and be happy though life is twist and turns.



       What an exciting trip life is, full of detours and plans were never made to be perfect; cause along the way there are circumstances that we have to bend and change. Life is quest, there are moments that we got caught of what happened. No one is excuse of this life rule, even juveniles are part of it and even seniors are still on the game. Life is a long journey, some of us don’t notice how far are they now from what they are before. We set destinations, but when will we be there? I guess I don’t know, it might be later, never, or probably soon or sooner. But, I want to believe its going to be soon or sooner. Even though I have been told that it might not be the place I belonged to be. I want to fight until the last grain. I don’t want to have regrets and what if question when the time comes. I will do my best, so that if its not my spot then I can say that I done everything and whenever I look back then I can say “I’M DONE”. Ready, to take the next flight. Well, life is cruel, yes it is, but if its easy then we’ll never get wiser in things. Life is not just about cruelty or ordeal because along the way we meet people that makes our journey easier and lighter, family is always there; ready to back you up when everything seems to be so imperfect, well there no such word as perfect though but close to perfect. Things will get well and done. We’ll finally reached what we want and though not we want, we’ll realize that where we are and what we have is something priceless. Because we gain wisdom; became stronger, wiser, dependent, and happy. Everything has its own purpose, so whenever you got yourself in a bad situation. Just think that everything has its ending and this is a part of my journey to reach my destination. Where may it be, what may God’s plan be. But, remember God is perfect and He’ll put you in the most perfect place. May it be your picture place or God’s chosen place. But I do hope, I get to where I want and Prayers do miracles.



Yesterdays are so futile and lovely,

Colors are all just frolic and pure.

Haven as it was,

As flowers blossomed after

Skies burst out.

Life has been so much to live then.


Somehow, things aren’t just the way

it’s meant to be.

Changes, change everything.

Back then, was just a picture perfect of everyone,

Yet, now is a reality that can’t be run off.


Yesterdays meant to be perfect,

And Today’s seems bothersome.

The pace is such a racing yet

We see no finish line.


Things are becoming tiring instead of


Plans have never been like this.

People keep on leaving, emptying their space.

Sad as it is, to be left alone.


Just like a tallish tower ever made,

Perfect is from the outside.

However, fragile from the inside,

As you leave along the side.



The sun sets forth to rise
As its amber ray shed light to the world
And heats off the battle ground for
Another round,
Here it lies the start and continue
Perhaps end but ending would be dying.
So, ending would never be likening.

It’s a long day ahead
The road may be treacherous and ill-fated,
Hasten the safety belts and gear up for fight
Cause the unknown will be facing
Is truly a blank hole that
no one could ever answer.
Though along the journey it may turn
Merry and lovable with the so called friends.

Choices offered to everyone.
Pace are surely rough yet
Smooth comes in season.
Enjoy the moment as it comes once.
Single step leads to something
We know or somewhere we don’t.
Lessons are learned along,
Strategies are formulated in time,
Dues are normal pressures, and
Accomplishments are rewarding.
All goes to the thing called “THE WALK”.

“Courage out of Fear”

     DSC_1730      Fictional world is where anything is possible, you can play your minds creativity  of how it will start and end, of how bitter gourd can turn into sweet candies, of how time stops when you want it to, can soar real up high and matter no more of your business. Well, that is why it is called fiction because you can create fantasy  and nightmare at the same time. People really like to create things that doesn’t easily happen. Just I guess, it is the closest thing to the word perfect. We create and wreak anything we want. Well, the truth is no matter how beautifully we create something in our astonishing brains, the end point is reality, go back to reality.

     DSC_0931 Reality is unpredictable, no matter what, how, when and why we  plan for something, the outcome may not always be the way it seems to be. There are alot of impediment along the scenes and I know it is bothersome not to mention some are just  so nerve breaking. Then Fear comes along, Fear dies our inner most desires, our hopes, our optimistic side, and it even changes us. Fear is always around, I tell you, we may not be aware that its always there, lurking, taking chances to get in and be inflicted. Fear Fear Fear… Fear cages us to become somebody. It stops us in everything we do, so by that we can’t grow as a full bloom creature. But on the other hand, Fear has something good in it, somewhere beneath it, lies the word COURAGE. Cause the absence of fear makes courage meaningless. Courage is then defined out by fear; it is the eagerness of us to surpass the challenges that are being offered. The spirit that gives us hope to become what we want to be. Of course, courage is accompanied by faith. We trust God and ourselves to have the courage of doing somewhat we want to be in life. So, though fear hinders you. Just smile and say “may I have enough courage to step on and crush fear for I don’t deserve to dwell in present to become a past but rather live in present to have a future.