Yesterdays are so futile and lovely,

Colors are all just frolic and pure.

Haven as it was,

As flowers blossomed after

Skies burst out.

Life has been so much to live then.


Somehow, things aren’t just the way

it’s meant to be.

Changes, change everything.

Back then, was just a picture perfect of everyone,

Yet, now is a reality that can’t be run off.


Yesterdays meant to be perfect,

And Today’s seems bothersome.

The pace is such a racing yet

We see no finish line.


Things are becoming tiring instead of


Plans have never been like this.

People keep on leaving, emptying their space.

Sad as it is, to be left alone.


Just like a tallish tower ever made,

Perfect is from the outside.

However, fragile from the inside,

As you leave along the side.